How To Increase Product Description

increase Product description

How To Increase Product Description

Optimizing your product description is one way to increase sales and also reduce returns caused by incorrect product descriptions. Product descriptions are also an important part of your potential customer's decision-making process. At least 87% of consumers rate product descriptions as very important things to consider before deciding to buy a product.

The Importance of Optimizing Product Description

To optimize product descriptions, you don't have to be a great copywriter. Effective product descriptions are more about defining the product well and knowing who it's targeting. With just a little effort and a few practical steps, you can structure or optimize your existing product description. more quickly.
So why is product description so important? Your product description is not only written to describe what you sell on your site but also has other functions such as helping customers know if the product you are selling is for them. In addition to the qualification function, product descriptions also function persuasively where your writing will provide interesting reasons why customers should buy the products you sell. Not only beneficial for attracting customers, a good product description is also useful for increasing your SEO ranking so that it will appear more easily in search engines.

In other words, your product description can be likened to a virtual assistant explaining all the details about the product. If well written then product descriptions can get more customers to visit your page and increase their purchase amount. On the other hand, if the product description is not well written, it is likely that customers will become lazy to buy because they have to ask you or your team directly and make them wait longer to get a reply. Furthermore, poor product descriptions can be detrimental to your business as there are many cases of buyers requesting returns because the product they received did not match the description you wrote.

Tips for Optimizing Product Description

Images and videos do help you sell your product but the textual description of the product is the most important. Consumers need to understand exactly what you have to offer and why the product is a good fit for your customers.

When writing product descriptions, make sure you convey exactly why the customer wants to buy a product. Consider the solutions offered by the products you sell and also know the interests of consumers so you can convince them to shop.

Here are some tips you can use to optimize your product description.

Convey in a Language the Customer Understands

You're not writing product descriptions for geniuses only, so make sure you write product descriptions using simple terms that everyone can understand. Word choice is sometimes a challenge when writing product descriptions, because it is very important to write it using the right words and not patronize customers. If you use complicated language, customers will certainly feel lazy to read and choose to leave your site or online store.

Write the Way Customers Love

The Harry Potter books did not become popular solely because of the plot but because J. K. Rowling's writing style was able to attract the attention of many people. The world of Harry in J.K Rowling's books is detailed and complex, but readers can easily understand it. The same goes for the product descriptions you write. Your visitors must understand what you want to convey through the product description. Therefore it is very important to create a description that customers like. Don't be afraid to inject a little humor if needed. Sometimes customers like something fun or funny so they become interested in shopping.

Describe the Benefits of the Product Well

In addition to describing the product both in terms of physical, another thing you need to write in the product description is what the benefits are and how the product will be useful in the lives of your customers. You may be able to provide or write down a problem first and then provide a solution to the problem by offering the products you sell. Make sure your description is written in detail and is able to provide a detailed explanation of the benefits for customers.

Focus on Customer

One of the biggest mistakes business owners often make is placing the focus on the product or service rather than on the customer. For more details, you can guess which of the following hypothesis statements looks better

This premium perfume is created with fragrance and just one spray is enough for a long-lasting fragrance
Premium perfume with this can keep you fresh all day without the need to spray it over and over

The two statements actually have the same meaning, it's just that the second statement is aimed at buyers. Statements that highlight customers will certainly make customers feel more confident to buy your product.

Don't beat around the bush

Focus on effective words and don't just write something without meaning. Product descriptions that are too long-winded can make customers feel bored and finally lazy to buy the products you offer. In other words, you don't have to write a very long product description. Sometimes a page containing a short description explaining all the features and benefits of a product will be easier to understand and attract customers to buy a product. In addition, customers also don't need to waste a lot of time just reading your product description.

Include Wider Benefits

To improve your product description, you can also provide real-world examples of how the product works for many people unless it's only used for one problem. For example, if you sell fitness trackers or fitness trackers. You can mention many examples or benefits of using a fitness tracker and mention that this device is not only for those who want to lose weight. Users of this device may need it for exercise, running or to find out how good their sleep is.
In other words, don't just focus on one need if you want to sell more products. If you focus on only one primary need, you will lose the attention of those who want to address other issues. If you are not sure about all the information you should include in a product description, you can get information from the discussion page or from frequently asked questions by visitors to your online store or business.

Writing good product descriptions will help increase sales and reduce returns. Don't forget to check your entire product description when you're finished and optimize it by using a SEO, grammar, selling point and other checking platform so that your product appears in search engines. In addition, you can also use a return-only platform such as ReturnKey to optimize your return process so that customers feel more comfortable shopping at your online store.

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